Explore a world inspired by ancient Mesopotamia and the mysteries of Genesis and Hebrew.

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Tablets of Seth

Go deeper into the book series with my new podcast

I’ve heard it so much that I’ve decided to do something. After reading “The Gate of Aleph,” the first book in the Seven Gates of the Kingdom series, some readers have requested workbooks and other notes so they can better grasp the worldbuilding behind the novel. Those comments came from those who at least finished … Continue reading Go deeper into the book series with my new podcast

Hunters vs. the hunted, musings about the ‘Four Faces’ on World Lion Day

Lots of posts on Twitter about #WorldLionDay. It’s a conversation that offers a powerful and compelling forum to denounce hunting the majestic animals as trophies. My musings about lions don’t stop there, however. Lions played a major role in ancient Mesopotamia throughout the empires. Sometimes they were viewed as gods. Sometimes a man’s head was … Continue reading Hunters vs. the hunted, musings about the ‘Four Faces’ on World Lion Day

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Scholars Library

The Seven Gates of the Kingdom fantasy series uses Hebrew names and biblical themes to describe the imaginary world Seth. Use our Glossary to navigate the names of the characters and the settings.

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The Lost Tablets of Iyar

Coming Fall 2018

The Shields of the Earth

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J.H. Ellis is a former journalist who writes biblically inspired fantasy fiction. The 66 books from Genesis to Revelation carry more power and truth and motivation than all of the great libraries of the world.

From antiquity to the here and now, the Bible is an endless exploration project God has provided for every generation of human beings. Ellis started by diving into the Bible’s depths by pondering its supernatural narratives.

Captivated by the diligent research of author Reona Martin about the biblical origins of the Nephilim, giant beings who were the first-generation offspring of rebellious angels, Ellis asked if she could build a story around her discoveries. Martin agreed. The first edition of the book was released in 2010-2011 as “Fall of the Savior-King.”